Top 10 Features for E-commerce Mobile App

Even, the expectation in the mobile shopping experience in this pandemic time is changing slowly to more value than just happy shopping online. People increasingly prefer to make purchases online as they can finish browsing, comparing, and making orders all in one go just by tapping on their handheld screens. No wonder e-commerce mobile app development continues to remain one of the most popular app niches all around the world. The trend of social commerce is gaining popularity among e-commerce companies these days. Companies integrate their online products into social media platforms , allowing users to purchase products while browsing the app.

  • Sephora and IKEA are great examples of integrating AR into mobile e-commerce apps.
  • Also, people found it much easier to shop online since the dawn of the eCommerce industry.
  • Most of the companies are now focusing on improving the end-user experience, offering a robust technology infrastructure via cutting-edge mobile applications for E-Commerce Businesses.
  • The eCommerce app development cost depends on the scope of work, development approach, features, technology stack, and the chosen team.
  • If a customer needs to return an item to you, having returns tracking on your app will help this process go much smoother.
  • The eCommerce app features mentioned above are absolutely essential to make a fully functional app.

He has spearheaded the journey in the e-commerce landscape for various businesses in India and the U.S. This functionality allows users to add and save products on the waitlist so they can buy them shortly. The users can save items to buy later and compare the items before making the actual purchase. The waitlist feature goes well with offline functionality, as then the users can save products in the waitlist when offline and purchase them when they are online. Push Notifications are a way to alert your customers about new products/services, personalized marketing campaigns, flash sales, and discount offers. It is an effective way for your brand to communicate with the customers directly compared to email marketing.

Why Do You Need a Mobile App for Your Online Store?

Your mobile e-commerce application has only one moment to attract your customers. When you build an ecommerce mobile app, one of the vital things to consider is the content and screen size. Since mobile display screens have limited space, it is important to ensure that your app and its content do not appear crammed up on the device. It should deliver seamless navigation and display your brand or products in the most impressive manner. A responsive design is the best solution, which automatically fits into any screen size and resolutions, and renders an immersive experience. With this in mind, here are some essential features that your ecommerce mobile app should include to give it a competitive edge and deliver excellent user experience.

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Customers like to behold the designs of their favorite items they want to buy on eCommerce platforms. This gives them an idea of how the product would look in real life. Also, 360°view makes the looks of products more appealing, which encourages them to buy products on your eCommerce platform. Also, it allows users to stay up to date with their orders by checking their status from their shopping accounts. Also, saving users’ residential addresses and preferred addresses helps them avoid entering their details every time they checkout.

eCommerce App Development: Steps, Key Features, Trends

The wishlist can also be used as insights by the retailers to send reminders and product recommendations to the customers, ultimately increasing sales. This feature is for online stores with an extensive catalog of products. You need to make sure the users can find what they are looking for. Significantly reduce the number of steps a customer takes to find their product without browsing the whole store. This will definitely increase the conversion rate and deliver a positive consumer experience.

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The secret is out now, the market is growing like a wild weed, and you can also grab your share if you opt for an m-commerce app for your business. So to know every aspect of app development, you are at the right place. As we have discovered the many features to be integrated into an ecommerce app, let’s explore and revenue and usage statistics of ecommerce apps. User reviews are a great marketing tool as it allows the apps to track user experience and make necessary improvements to the app. Also, when users give great reviews to your brand, it ultimately leads to more downloads and sales. In the eCommerce space, people nowadays favor different payment modes and choose one as their convenience.

Timely returns to keep the customer coming back to your eCommerce app

Remember that customer service is no longer ‘a nice to have’, it’s definitely a must. It’s also essential to make your customer support section always visible and easily reachable in your mobile app. Allow users to choose the most suitable shipping option for them and let them enter the shipping address without any hassle – it will enhance their experience and accelerate the buying process. Here, you can also inform about each option’s delivery cost and the estimated delivery date.

With different sign-up options and an easy-to-follow process, you can have many users, who complete the sign-up process and start exploring your app. Many online stores provide users with a short-order summary before taking them to the payment screen. Moreover, social media integration can help in building brand awareness and driving engagement.

Features of e-commerce mobile apps

With an advanced search feature integrated into the app, users can use precise filters to find what they want. They can easily navigate your app and easily find the right products. It can enhance the app’s search capabilities via barcode, image, and voice search.

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