Tooth Extractions in Albuquerque

Safely Removing Damaged Teeth

Throughout the course of our lives, our teeth undergo many changes and slowly decay. If a tooth is past the point of restoration, our Albuquerque dentist may suggest extraction. Although the thought of extraction may sound painful, we make the process as comfortable as possible using the most efficient techniques and equipment. Whether you need to remove teeth due to decay, misalignment, or future orthodontic treatment, our dentist can provide expert tooth removal services to restore your oral health.

Our experienced dentist can remove:

  • Baby teeth
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Damaged teeth
  • Infected teeth

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Don’t rely on old, unsafe techniques to extract a tooth. Instead, let us extract your tooth with minimum pain and maximum care. We can prevent excessive pain or bleeding to make the tooth extraction process easy. Please call our office at (505) 298-0456 to schedule an appointment! Se habla español.

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